Ride Sharing Companies are not new to the world but with advancements in modern technology they're only becoming better, cheaper, and easier to book a ride with. Trends are showing a rapid rise in numbers of those who prefer to use a ride sharing service and spend their money on better things rather than on depreciating cars, expensive gas, costly insurance, annoying repairs, and expensive gas... Did I mention expensive gas already?!

How Ride Sharing Is Changing The Face of Private Transportation

Ride Sharing is a phenomena that has been storming the market since the mid 2000's. Different forms of it have existed earlier, but it was companies like Uber and Lyft that made Ride Sharing the mammoth of the transportation industry it is today. It offers the opportunity for the average person with a qualified vehicle to monetize their car for an income up to double the hourly rate of minimum wage. But not only that - for the customers, Ride Share is easier to book than a taxi, the driver arrives faster, and the fares are much lower!

Plus it's all wireless meaning no cash or credit payments. You don't have to worry about having exact change or stressing out over whether the driver accepts credit card or not. You just get out of the car, the payment is subtracted from your account (that you set up when you download the app), and you're emailed the receipt. If the driver did a good job then you can add a tip to the payment, and even give them a couple stars on their rating. You can see the ratings of all the drivers who are going to pick you up before they do. Knowing this ensures the driver works hard to give you a great experience every ride.

Why It's Smarter

Beyond pioneering better methods for transportation and their phenomenal ability to deliver a great customer experience, Ride Share is becoming the smart decision for countless money-wise people. As gas prices chronically rise with addition of the carbon tax, and the inevitable costly repairs and insurance bills from the dings and dents of driving, buying and maintaining a car just isn't the best option any more. Even the ultra wealthy take Ride Share services.

Billionaire Kevin O'Leary off Shark Tank said to CNBC Make It, “You’re thinking about buying a car. Let me give you a new idea: Don’t...I use my phone to call Uber or Lyft and they take me around the city. I save a fortune. I feel good about it,” O’Leary says. “Even if you use a car every day to get to work, it’s still cheaper to use a shared ride service, because you can choose the level of luxury you want. You can share the ride with somebody else....I know people that go miles for only eight bucks. They’re taking advantage of a system that’s actually democratizing the cost [of] transportation. Why aren’t you?” Watch the video here:

Which Company Do I Take?!

There's not very many out there, and even less - good ones.  But there is one Canadian company that is rapidly becoming the next major Ride Share business you need to pay attention too: ReRyde.

ReRyde is currently the dominant Ride Sharing company in Winnipeg because of their ability to provide fast rides at great prices. Going by kilometers per dollar they are the lowest fares out there. Their app technology is automated (not manual like their competitors) meaning your drivers get your request faster, show up at your door quicker, and get you where you want sooner. Not only that, ReRyde takes pride in the culture of excellence instilled among their Partners (aka drivers), leaving you with an amazing customer experience every ride. How? Because ReRyde pays their drivers more than the other companies which means they work harder to make you happy.

How It Works

  • Step 1 Download the FREE ReRyde App.

Go to Google Play or App Store to download the ReRyde app. You can get it for iOS or Android and there are two options: Riders and Drivers. The Driver's app is for the case you want to earn money with ReRyde. These phone apps allow drivers and clients to communicate for a pick up and even complete the transaction.

  • Step 2 Just Push A Button

Once the app is downloaded and you've put your information in, you are ready to get a ride. You simply open up the app and press a button. The nearest driver will then get that notification and arrive to take you to where you want to go. Need a pre-booked ride? RyRyde does that too.

  • Step 3 Get Where You Want - Fast

With ReRyde's smart technology everything is wireless and cashless. You simply upload your payment information into your ReRyde account like you would with PayPal, and once your driver drops you off at your location, you get out of the car and the transaction takes place automatically. No need for cash. No need for card transactions. Just pick up, drop off, and the receipt is emailed to you.

Who Is It For?

Have you have ever needed a ride at some point in your life or see it potentially happening in the future? Have you ever said to yourself how disgusted you are with gas prices and mechanic bills? Wouldn't you like to spend less money on cars and more money on what you love? Then you need this App today.

Don't waste anymore time or money hustling for rides or hiring an expensive taxi. No more arguing with friends who is going to be the designated driver - why end the party short? No more rushing and planning on whose going to pick you up from work, school, or the airport. And why take a taxi when this is cheaper? Get the best and fastest ride service available with ReRyde. Just get the app, press a button, and arrive!

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