Introducing from the minds at Mint Experience: a new marketing initiative that is like nothing Brandon has seen before

Over the last couple of months, in response to the dip in the economy, our friends at Mint Experience have been putting together a solution to help more businesses not only increase revenue but see greater returns on their advertising dollars. Where other marketing mediums and strategies have failed, they created what we believe is one of the most effective strategies to market your business because it’s based on practical marketing psychology and social proof, one of the key factors in the purchase decision process. 

Their new ‘Social Authority’ program combines social proof, a unique ‘value-driven’ approach and a savvy understanding of available marketing tools to guarantee quality leads and a measurable return on your advertising dollars. This is a completely done-for-you service and is the first of its kind in Brandon, Manitoba. Here’s inside how it works and how you can be the first to be a part of this strategy…

How It Works

The ‘Social Authority’ program is a lead generation platform that uses intelligent advertising to produce quality leads. Unlike most Facebook advertising strategies, this approach to advertising extends far beyond just sending traffic to a page and hoping that people will buy or call or become a client. When you structure a marketing campaign that leverages social authority, as they explained, the speed of the ‘buying cycle’ is increased and you are able to find clients and customers that not only understand your value but are willing to buy into your most lucrative offers.

An Introduction to Social Authority

One of the biggest influences on the decision to make a purchase starts with trust. To help increase trust and ultimately sales, they leverage the power of third-party credibility. Third-party credibility is based on the principle that you gain much more attention in your market when others promote your business instead of directly promoting yourself. To accomplish this as a part of their new service, they build all of your advertising campaigns and marketing materials on the Mint Experience brand, where you leverage the existing trust of their brand to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

At the core of the service, they craft a sales letter using what they call the ‘awareness-sophistication framework’. This framework and strategy behind their copywriting is what drives action because it captures the attention of potential clients at the point of their pain or problem. This is more than writing ‘sales copy’ because it transforms the mindset of its audience for an intended action. The result of a sales letter using this framework produces a steady flow of leads and people raising their hand to work with you. Essentially, it is leveraging the sales letter to lead them to the solution, i.e. your product.

All of this comes together to form a piece of effective client-oriented marketing, but if the right people never read it, you won’t get any leads. That’s where Detailed Targeting comes into play. With newspaper and radio, you are limited to targeting people based only on very broad interests such as business, sports, homes, etc. but the ability to target your ideal customer on Facebook is so specific that you can even target people who like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

This means you can narrow down, with unparalleled precision, the people who only need to see your offer to be sold. But pairing this with third-party credibility and value-driven copywriting means reaching and activating the people who otherwise would’ve been out of reach. Not only that, but being in the digital space also allows for Advanced Ad Tracking which allows you to continue the marketing conversation by directing ads towards people who have already engaged with the first one. This creates a sense of ‘being everywhere’ where potential clients start seeing you online continually; a proven way to build trust and increase conversions.

Who is this for?

The Social Authority program is ideally suited for those who haven’t succeeded with social media management or are looking to get a better return on their advertising dollars. Mint Experience has purposely made the investment of this program flexible, with a minimum ad spend as low as $250. However, there are no limits to what you can spend because the more you spend, the more leads you will get.

The Next Step

If you’d like to sign up for the Social Authority program, Mint Experience has provided an easy form below for you to sign up. There are limited spots so be sure to fill out the form below to schedule a meeting.

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Published on:

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mint Experience