Finally a Ride Share company in Winnipeg that works and for a great price! Ride Sharing Companies are not new to the world, but they are relatively new to Canada. And ReRyde is becoming the next major Ride Share Company you need to watch out for. Why? Because their phone app actually works, their response team is automated meaning everything is instant so you get a driver sooner, and their fare is better priced than the competitors. Oh - even better news for the driver! They pay their drivers more money than other Ride Share Companies do and they're hiring today...


With the push of a button you can save money or earn money with ReRyde. Ride Sharing is a phenomena that has been storming the market since the mid 2000's. It's the opportunity for the average person with a qualified vehicle to monetize their car for income.

You simply download an app onto your smartphone, upload all the requirements, and you're ready to earn. With ReRyde's smart technology everything is wireless and cashless meaning the client sends out a signal notifying you to get them, you take them where they want to go, and the money is automatically deposited into your account.

  • No need for cash
  • No need for card transactions
  • Just pick up, drop off, and get paid

Now everyone with a phone and a car can earn!


If you have a phone, a car, and like earning good cash then this is the opportunity for you. ReRyde is Canada's next major Ride Share Company and they're hiring drivers today! To get started with ReRyde, you will need to have the following requirements:

  • Valid Driver’s License (must be 19+ years old)
  • Eligible to work
  • Registered Vehicle
  • Vehicle Certification of Inspection
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Criminal Record Background Checks With Vulnerable Sector (up to 90 days or more recent)
  • Adult and Child Abuse Registry (up to 90 days to get this after you fill out your application)

Becoming a driver is easy! First download the driver's app onto your phone and fill out the required information.


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Published on:

Monday, May 13, 2019

ReRyde Technologies Inc.